From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe, and How We’ll Learn More with the James Webb Space Telescope- Dr John Mather, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
John Mather is a Senior Astrophysicist in the Observational Cosmology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Senior Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope. His research centers on infrared astronomy and cosmology. He was Principal Investigator for the Far Infrared Absolute Spectrophotometer (FIRAS) on the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), which was used to show that the cosmic microwave background radiation has a blackbody spectrum within 50 parts per million (ppm), confirming the Big Bang theory to extraordinary accuracy. For this work he shared the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Guilford Technical Community College
9/23/2017 1:25:00 PM

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